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If you can’t pee, you’ve got company.

It’s one of the reasons guys buy VigRX Prostate Support® – your urine flow is probably weak because of prostate enlargement, which affects most guys once they hit 50. That’s when the night-waking tends to start, and that inability to relieve yourself. And that ugly sensation that you’re not empty, but there’s nothing you can do about it. We made VigRX Prostate Support® for guys like you – a natural prostate supplement designed for support, relief, and the ability to ‘go’ when your bladder calls!

Beta-Sitosterol – Better Urine Flow

Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol with a structure like the cholesterol made by your body. A meta-analysis of studies done on this nutrient found it helped men enjoy better urine flow than guys on a placebo. Symptoms were measured against the American Urological Association (AUA) Symptoms Index.

It was well-tolerated as well.

We’re still learning about beta-sitosterol and the positive effects it appears to have on the male urology. Keep an eye on this nutrient!

Pygeum – Less Night Urination

Pygeum is a tree with bark used as a medicine to help men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). A meta-analysis of 18 trials performed on guys who used it found pygeum reduced BPH symptoms between 19-23%. Among other things, they woke less at night, had a stronger urine stream, and emptied their bladder when they went to the toilet.

Saw Palmetto – Bladder Emptying

Saw Palmetto is a tree native to North America. Studies done on it show a reduction in BPH symptoms. It may help reduce waking at night to run to the bathroom, and make it easier to empty your bladder.

Stinging Nettle – All Of The Above!

Stinging Nettle is a herb. Its root may help increase urine flow – a 2005 study found stinging nettle helped 81% of guys improve their BHP symptoms and continued these effects for the duration of use.

VigRX® is two things: it’s the original male libido supplement we offered and the name of the brand that follows. We currently offer seven products with this proud label: VigRX® Plus, VigRX®, VigRX® Oil, VigRX® Delay Spray, VigRX® Prostate Support, VigRX® Tongkat Ali, and VigRX® Organic Bio Maca.

Speak with your doctor before using VigRX® products if you have any specific health conditions or concerns. As well, VigRX® Delay Spray is not meant for children and should be kept out of their reach.

We recommend you wash VigRX® Delay Spray thoroughly off your penis prior to oral sex too.

With this being said, VigRX® products are made in North America with strict health and safety regulations in place. And the VigRX® name on the box goes a long way too – you know what you’re getting, with a brand that knows the male physiology very well!

Most guys use VigRX® products with no problems whatsoever. Barring any health concerns that would cause otherwise, you should be fine.

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