Semenax results are in! (Semenax Review)

How The %#$! Do Adult Film Stars Cum So Much? My full review and Semenax results.

After two months I finally have Semenax results to write about. Look I like to watch the hub as much as the next guy, right; what’s not to like? Beautiful horny women willing to try anything once - twice if they like it. Hot sex, exotic locations, and funky basslines: Bow chicka bow wow! But the dudes, the dudes just piss me off.

These guys are living the life. All this stuff we’re watching and fantasizing about, that’s a regular Tuesday afternoon at work for them. And as if the beautiful women, hot sex, and exotic locations weren’t enough, they’ve all got six-pack abs and nine-inch wangs. I really don’t like those guys.

What gets me, though, is the money shot.

These guys cum like a freakin’ fire hose. Every single time. Somebody could lose an eye! How is that even possible?

Intellectually, I understand that they’re basically freaks of nature; they won the genetic lottery.

That explains the nine-inch meat whistles. Add in a few crunches to go along with the good genes, and that explains the six-pack abs.

But seriously, what about all that semen. How could I cum like that?

So I did the research, and it turns out that good genes and hard work aren’t enough to make guys cum like Mt. Vesuvius. For that, it takes a little something extra, and those adult film star dudes have a secret weapon that can make even regular guys like me and you cum by the bucketful. Semenax results in a massive increase in CUM!

I’m Not Hung Like an adult film Star; Why Should I Cum Like One?

Trust me; I understand. The first time my wife saw my teenie weenie she asked who the heck I thought I was gonna make happy with that little thing?

Well, me, obviously.

Little Willy’s been keeping me happy since the summer I turned twelve, but now that I’ve discovered Semenax, I’m a lot happier.

Cumming is fun. It’s like my favorite thing ever.

And in case you didn’t know: cumming more is more fun.

I don’t want to get all scientifical on you, but the male orgasm is essentially a series of rhythmic muscle contractions that propel your chowder away from the prostate and out the one-eyed wonder snake.

It only makes sense that the more semen you’re making, the longer and harder the muscles have to work to push it out the exit.

Semenax results in More jizz and this equals longer, harder, more intense orgasms.

Period. Full stop. End of conversation. What else do you need to know?

Well, how about this: guys who cum more, get laid more!

I don’t know how you get the job doing these scientific studies, but researchers have discovered that nearly one in five women experience stronger orgasms when their partner produces more cum.

Semenax results guy girl

The more you cum, the more she likes it!

And those women who get off on you filling them up like a water balloon report greater lifelong orgasmic function and sexual satisfaction. Semenax results in a happy girl!

Listen, if momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy; that’s a fact.

But if you spewing jizz like an atomic-powered water sprinkler keeps her grinning, she’s going to keep your dipstick wet more often.

Everybody wins.

I wouldn’t even pretend to understand women, and even if I did, that would take a much longer article than this.

But I know what I know, and I know that women take shit personal.

If she asks how her ass looks in those jeans, and you hesitate, even a microsecond, before reassuring her that her ass is the greatest ass in the history of asses, you’re done. No nookie tonight.

By the same token, if she’s going down on you and you dribble out a little micro load that looks more like an earthworm taking a tiny white shit than the massive bukkake fest she’s used to seeing from the adult film dudes…. She’s going to take that personally, like you’re just not that into her.

She’s going to get angry. And you’re going to get laid less.

Even more importantly, deep down inside, where her biological clock is ticking, she’s going to look at that teeny tiny little batch of baby batter you just dribbled out on her and wonder how on earth you’re ever going to get her pregnant with that.

“How are we going to raise a family? How am I going to explain to my mother that he doesn’t find me attractive enough to make a baby with me? I need a real man. I need a man who cums like a racehorse.” Plus semen makes women happy.

It takes a lot of pearls to make a pearl necklace.

If you’re not coating her like a buttermilk shower, you need to figure out a way to pump up the jam because if you don’t find a way to fix the problem, she might just decide that it’s not her problem anymore.

Which brings us back to Semenax.

Semenax results cum more

Can the Semenax results Really, Really Make Me Cum More?

You bet it can!

Let’s get one thing straight, though. Semenax isn’t going to do anything to increase your sperm count. That’s a whole other conversation.

Semenax is a semen volume enhancer. More semen does, however, give your swimmers a better chance to reach the promised land in case you are trying to knock her up

That’s on top of the more intense orgasms for you and your partner.

It doesn’t matter why you’re dribbling out those little loads.

Orgasm intensity and volume often peaks in our mid 30’s and decreases as we get older. If your eyesight starts going, you buy some reading glasses; if your orgasms start becoming just “meh,” you buy some Semenax.

Many men report a decline in orgasm intensity and cum production after having a vasectomy, Semenax can help with that.

If you’re overweight, out of shape, drink and smoke too much, exercise too little, and just generally not living a healthy lifestyle, your loads are going to pay the price. Eat some veggies, go for a run, and put down the frosty beverage. That’ll help, but it’s going to take a little while to see the effects.

Semenax can have you cumming like Niagra falls in as little as two weeks.

Online Semenax reviews show customers doubling and tripling the semen volume in just a couple of weeks. Up to a 500% increase in cum after the full 60-day dosage.

“I’m 53 years old and thought I was going to have to resort to using the little blue pills. I’m not even through the first bottle of Semenax yet, and my erections are like blue steel. I’m cumming harder and farther than I did in my 20’s.”

“Wow. This stuff really works! #Whitewash”

“I’ll admit I was skeptical about Semenax results, but I thought I would give it a try. After a few weeks, I was starting to get frustrated with the results, but then it started picking up. Now, six weeks in, I’m making at least three times as much cum as before.”

“Ha. It took three tissues to wipe up all that spunk. Thanks, Semenax. ”

“My girlfriend is digging the new full coverage!”

“Super intense orgasms!”

“My balls feel like my quads do after leg day. I like it”

“My wife says she can actually feel the heavier loads inside her. She got a little loud and woke up the baby last night. Oops!”

Science, bitch!

It’s easy to see from the thousands of reviews online what regular people have to say about Semenax, but that doesn’t prove that it works, right? Maybe they wanted it to work so bad, they all just imagined that it was working.

That’s a thing. The power of suggestion is strong; it’s called the placebo effect.

But we don’t have to take Joe Blow’s word about whether or not it works. We’ve got scientific proof that Semenax will increase your semen production volume and orgasm intensity.

Verdic Lifesciences conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled scientific study across 6 unique study locations and concluded that Semenax was OVER THREE TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than a placebo.

“The label claim of Semenax has been substantiated through this study since Semenax has shown efficacy in increasing the ejaculate volume over placebo in a short duration of 2 months. Semenax was clinically superior to placebo in improving ejaculate volume and the intensity of orgasm,” says Dr. Anuradha Kulkami from Vedic Lifesciences.

For all you skeptics and Doubting Thomases out there, you don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t have to trust the internet trolls, and you don’t have to trust the eggheads. When it comes to your orgasm there are only two sources in the whole wide world that you should trust completely:

Deez Nuts!

Forget about all the online Semenax reviews. Forget about all the scientific mumbo jumbo. The only thing that matters is how your nuts feel when you cum and how much spooge you’re wiping up when you’re done.

There’s only one way to answer those questions: you have to try it for yourself and see what happens.

Fortunately, Semenax has a no-questions-asked, love-it-or send-it-back, 67-day money-back guarantee (that’s my only complaint. If it was me I would have added two more days to that.)

If you’re not cumming like a adult film star, they don’t want your money.

Order Semenax now, and you’ll get two whole months of bigger loads, better orgasms, and a happier partner. If you’re not completely satisfied with Semenax results, for any reason, you get your money back. Period.

What’s In This Stuff Anyway?

Semenax has a patented formula of 17 all-natural ingredients, proven over the centuries to improve male virility and sexual health, and since it’s a natural nutritional supplement, there’s no prescription necessary. No embarrassing trips to the doctor to explain why you just can’t cum like you used to.

There’s nothing man-made in Semenax. No synthetic chemicals with names you can’t pronounce much less spell.

Only amino acids, herbs, minerals, and vitamins all collected and assembled following strict Current Good Manufacturing Regulations as mandated and enforced by the FDA.

Semenax results plants

Take a look at Semenax ingredients:

Catuaba Bark
Epimedium Leaf
Hawthorn Berry
Muira Puama
Pine Bark Extract
Pumpkin Seed
Swedish Pollen Flower
Vitamin E
Wild Oat Straw
Zinc Aspartate
Zinc Oxide

That’s all there is to it. Just the natural nutrients your nuts need to make more jizz

What are the Semenax side effects?

Thousands of online reviews and the Verdic Lifesciences study all indicate that Semenax has no negative side effects on your health and well being, but that doesn’t leave you in the clear.

First of all, I need to warn you that you’re going to be thinking about sex more than you are now. A lot more.

Your dick’s going to get hard when the wind blows.

You’re going to have to worry about hiding your erections like you did back when you were in high school. I strongly suggest that you invest in a messenger bag or backpack to keep with you at all times, and you’re never going to be able to wear sweatpants in public again.

Secondly, all that extra spooge from Semenax results is going to wreak havoc on your sheets and mattress.

Be prepared for the increased water bills from all the extra laundry you will be doing, and unless you want to drop a grand on a new mattress, please get yourself a high-quality mattress pad and cover. You’re going to need it.

Finally, and I can’t stress this strongly enough, please warn your partner. If she’s gotten used to your little dribble drabbles, and you suddenly open up the hose on her, there’s no telling how she might react. The gag reflex can cause some nasty injuries. Better safe than sorry.

Where Can I Buy Semenax?

Sure, you could buy Semenax at all the usual places where you buy vitamins and supplements - Amazon, Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, etc, but there’s only one way to guarantee that you’re getting the real deal, and not some Chinese knock off or counterfeit.

Order Semenax from and have it shipped straight to you from the manufacturer in the Good Ole U.S. of A.

Ordering directly ensures that you’re getting the absolute best Semenax price and qualify for the 67-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

If the Semenax results doesn’t give you better, harder more intense orgasms and a significantly increased volume of ejaculate, just ship the empty bottles back for a full refund.

And remember SAFETY FIRST!

It’s all fun and games until someone puts an eye out!